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The Industrial Internet is a term created by GE that refers to the connectivity of machines and people via deep analytical insights into the performance of your equipment. GE’s Industrial Internet aims to revolutionize the way people interact with machines and how they can better understand the machinery’s operations. How does the Industrial Internet do this? industrial-internet


Connects Analytics, Machinery, and People

GE’s Industrial Internet helps to connect people and their machinery via analytics. The Industrial Internet is able to help machinery operators and managers implement a deep understanding of how their machine is operating as well as to predict future operations. GE’s Predix Edge Software is the basis for its Industrial Internet uses. The Industrial Internet helps your industry to make the best decisions for your machines based on what your data is telling you.


Allows for Greater Efficiency and Productivity

When you’re able to understand your machine’s operations on a greater level, you’re also able to foresee problems and construct and initiate solutions before the problem has a chance to happen. In this way, industries are now able to prevent downtime and machinery failure due to a faulty component or lack of maintenance. The Industrial Internet provides concrete evidence of what maintenance is needed and when, thus allowing you to provide the best care to your machines and perform the necessary maintenance to keep them running.


Performance Management Software for Every Industry

GE’s Industrial Internet provides performance management software that helps industries determine how their machines are working, which pieces are the most important, and even how maintenance should be completed. This type of data also offers early warnings when problems or a potential system failure is imminent, giving engineers time to correct the problem before the machine even has a chance to fail. The Industrial Internet changes how you use machinery for a variety of applications, and it allows industries to increase productivity in ways that just weren’t achievable before.


Improve and Customize Maintenance

Maintenance of your machinery is key to your systems having a long life with minimal problems. However, different machines need different maintenance, and even identical machines operating under the same conditions but in separate environments will vary when it comes to their maintenance needs. The Industrial Internet helps you to improve and customize maintenance for your machine based on data and analytics that it generates from your specific machine. You can ensure maintenance is scheduled based on what your machine needs and when.


The Industrial Internet is changing the way people use their automation equipment from GE. Industries are rethinking their infrastructure, optimizing machine performance, and implementing a better understanding of how their machines work and what they need to perform at their best. When you can improve maintenance and even predict future problems, your productivity increases and your equipment can have a long healthy life thanks to the Industrial Internet!