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When you need a project done, you need to know that it’s going to be handled with the same care and attention by your consultants that you would give it as a business owner. At CIMTEC, we work with all types of industries to provide turnkey automation solutions for your particular needs.


Our experience and approach have been proven, and we handle complex projects with the same care and level of detail as if it were our own business. What our four-step process offers you is a solution that’s tailored to your needs and backed by the expertise of our automation experts.


Step One: Defining Your Project

Our engineers work with you one-on-one to interview employees and engineers, evaluate the performance of your current setup, and design a project that both defines your needs and challenges and addresses them. We call this our Conceptual Design phase. We take the time to detail what makes your system successful, how practical your technical elements are, what hardware and software you need, and what resources are necessary to help your business reach its goals.


Step Two: The Design

During the design phase, which we call our Project Proposal phase, you’ll be assigned a project manager who will work closely with you to create your automation solutions. We detail the scope of work, development specifications, and our deliverables. We also conduct documentation for our design strategies, and we determine which vendors and suppliers are qualified for use, software information, and what training may be needed. We also set you up with a project deadline that we make every effort to meet.


Step Three: The Assembly and Test

Your production schedule is ready! We finalize your hardware manufacturing and software applications during this phase. Of course, the final testing phases are conducted as well to ensure your automation engineering turnkey solutions deliver on everything you need them to.


Step Four: The Delivery

Once we ensure that the production testing has gone smoothly and that your solutions are qualified, your project is now considered complete. It’s ready to be your new and best solution! You can also enlist our help for any operator training and startup assistance—we’re here to ensure you’re ready to go with your new system.


With years of experience in all types of industries, CIMTEC Automation is ready to help you and your business achieve better productivity with enhanced solutions. We take the time to evaluate your system, understand your problems, and work with you to design solutions that work seamlessly to support your industry.


Why wait? Let us know how we can help provide your business with turnkey automation engineering solutions today: 877-524-6832.