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geGE’s new and improved Capacitor and Instrument Transformer Advanced Manufacturing Facility in Clearwater, Florida is officially in operation! On April 27th, GE proudly announced the opening of the improved facility which happens to be their largest and most advanced. GE invested $60 million into improving the 40-year-old original Clearwater facility and expanded it to 190,000 square feet with 275 new jobs and the most advanced technology to improve production worldwide!


Rising to Meet Demand

GE’s Clearwater factory is the most advanced and aims to improve performance and increase speed in order to meet rising global demand. GE has increased their capacity in Clearwater by 35% and generated a 50% decrease in manufacturing time! Their state-of-the-art equipment, including sensor-enabled equipment, allows the facility to optimize performance and predict how machinery will work and any problems that might arise. GE also incorporates the use of robotics to facilitate consistent performance and outcomes and is one of the first factories of GE’s to make use of the Industrial Internet with GE’s Predix Edge Software.


Among the First to Use GE Predix Edge Software

Predix is the cornerstone of GE’s Industrial Internet, which helps integrate data and machinery management along with cloud services to improve performance. Using real-time data from the Industrial Internet, GE’s Predix allows the optimization of productivity and performance. Overall plant efficiency is increased with the use of this software to maintain operations and connect people and machines through analytics.


GE’s Capacitor and Instrument Transformer Advanced Manufacturing Facility in Clearwater is one of the first to use GE Predix Edge Software, and the data and analytics from this software can help operations and efficiency worldwide. This new technology allows people to see what maintenance is needed, how the machine is performing, and even if a potential failure is about to occur, giving engineers time to fix the problem before it affects performance.


GE’s Legacy

With more than 450 factories worldwide and the company to facilitate the Industrial Internet, GE is allowing industries all over the globe to rethink their design process, optimize their equipment, and improve their maintenance practices and schedules. GE is an industry leader in automation technology and now with the incorporation of digital analytics, people can further their understanding of GE’s products and how they perform in their industry.


GE’s new Clearwater facility will lay the foundation for future factories that allow for the use of the Industrial Internet to enhance performance and optimize maintenance scheduling. With increasing demand and new technology, GE remains a strong presence in the industry and allows people all over the world to better their productivity through innovative solutions.