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Efficient solutions for industrial protection 

SICK safety laser scanners combine know-how and experience with maximum performance. Whether mobile or stationary, for area protection or access protection, indoors or outdoors – CIMTEC’s comprehensive SICK portfolio offers the right cost-effective package for each and every requirement. Using the time-of-flight measurement principle, the compact devices scan their surroundings and measure distances. An integrated rotating mirror allows protection areas defined by the customer to be monitored in two dimensions.

CIMTEC leads the way in automation technologies. With the decision for a safety solution from SICK, you are not just selecting uncompromising state-of-the-art technology, you acquire much more: quality that covers the whole process from consultation to after-sales service. With every SICK laser scanner purchase you get:

Advanced Solutions for New Tasks
Advanced laser scanners are used for the horizontal and vertical protection of hazardous areas, hazardous points and accesses with several protection.

Easy Integration
Mature technologies should be as simple as possible. SICK stands for standardized integration in all automation environments: from the relay through safe controls to the fieldbus. Problem-free due to uniform CDS user interface for all programmable SICK safety products.

CIMTEC Comprehensive Service
Intelligent solutions must be consistent from planning to implementation. For this reason, CIMTEC service is tailored to the whole machine life cycle right from the start. we have learned what our customers need; fast response, technical support, expedited shipping, and preventative maintenance, are just a few. You will have access to choose from a variety of service plans or create your own.

A CIMTEC sensor engineer is available to you at 877.524.6832. or go to our website and read more about the SICK Safety scanners at www.cimtecautomation.com