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Need a high performance industrial PC that is easy to service in the field?


The Modular Panel PC (PAC-MOD) from Computer Dynamics gives you options with our three most popular screen sizes, and multiple PC configurations to meet your price/performance levels for your most demanding industrial applications.  But having an Industrial PC is not enough – screens can break and hard drives (and even SSDs) can go bad.  When we designed the PAC-MOD, we took this into account.  Our unique design of the Modular Panel PC allows you to recover quickly from any system issue

  1.  Screens can be replaced in the field in minutes, without having to change the PC portion of the system.
  2.  Our removable drive bays allow you to remove and replace a hard drive in minutes.

Check out the PAC-MOD and our other industrial computer systems at www.cdynamics.com.