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Migration Means Huge ROI

If you’re ready to migrate and are considering replacing your legacy GE/Emerson PLC to the PAC Systems RX3i, get ready to experience some huge ROI from advanced technology. CIMTEC is ready to help you every step of the way!

Replacing your Genius I/O blocks as they become obsolete means updating your PLC platform to accommodate these changes. With a risk assessment from CIMTEC and a detailed migration plan put into place, you’re just steps away from innovative machinery.

CIMTEC knows you want to see the best return on your investment by upgrading to newer technology. The RX3i is ready to deliver on enhanced ROI and bring your business the best benefits in automation.

Benefits and Capabilities of RX3i

The RX3i controller is one of several products in the GE/Emerson Industrial Internet Control Solutions (IICS) that provide insights into your machines with the cutting-edge connectivity of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). The RX3i focuses on high availability, thereby keeping network failures to a minimum and maintaining CPU coordination with Reflective Memory technology from

Why Choose the PAC Systems RX3i CPL410?

  • Reduced risk – A broad suite of cyber security technology and tools help protect against attacks, prevent unauthorized code and application updates.
  • Reduced lifecycle cost – The outcome Optimizing controllers provide software upgrades patches, and antivirus updates from a central location, with minimal disruption
  • Decreased time to market – Scalable performance and multiple form factors support a wide variety of industrial applications, industrial internet & ROI
  • The PAC Systems RX3i from GE has one hefty advantage over legacy systems – its ability to offer businesses access to the IIoT.
  • The IIoT is all about connection – connecting your machines, data, and people to enhance performance and maximize up-time for all your systems. This minimizes operative costs, significantly reduces downtime, and increases system performance.

The IIoT enabled by GE’s IICS allows you to have control over all your manufacturing processes from virtually anywhere. This means you can schedule maintenance based on data gathered from how your assets are performing and prevent unexpected interruptions. The IIoT protects your data, networks, and applications from software threats with the latest in security tools.

Your analytic capabilities are endless with the IIoT and can be customized to optimize your performance. These analytics and connectivity features offer the best return on your investment when upgrading to the RX3i and active GE I/O blocks.

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