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The New CDI VAMP-PB and PAC-PB will really push your buttons!


The new industrial Stainless Steel VAMP-PB Displays and industrial Stainless Steel PAC-PB Panel PCs from Computer Dynamics(CDI) consist of a rugged Stainless Steel enclosure, Projected Capacitive touchscreen, and integrated push buttons right on the front of the unit.

Push-buttons bring control and indication directly to the work area, eliminating wasted movement and increasing productivity. In addition, the physical buttons are especially needed for critical tasks like emergency shutdowns. When an emergency situation occurs, we don’t want to waste time navigating through HMI screens but a simple and quick way to shut down the process is needed. In terms of machine integration, push-button devices are easy to install and wire, and straightforward for understanding their function and use. The integration of these buttons allows for faster wiring and reduced project cost.

Other features include

  • Flat, easy-to-clean surface
  • SUS 316 / AISI 316 stainless steel for Chemical and Food & Beverage industries
  • Rotary switch adjustments to dial in different touch modes for Hand/Rain/Glove application

Learn more about the CDI Stainless Steel VAMP-PB Displays and CDI Stainless Steel PAC-PB Panel PC.

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