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The Gocator family of sensors are some of the smartest 3D sensors on the market today. Gocator is an inclusive hardware device that features 3D scans and includes measuring and control functions all in one device! This automation technology provides performance that can’t be beat for non-contact inspections.

Gocator has just released a new version of its firmware—Gocator Firmware 4.5—which offers more tools for a better inspection with features that outshine anything that Gocator has produced in the past.

What can customers expect with the new Gocator Firmware 4.5?


Custom Measurements

Gocator Firmware 4.5 is a first in the industry for customization of your firmware. With Gocator 4.5, users have the option to create and use measurement tools that are custom for their applications with speed that’s identical to built-in measurement tools. Gocator Firmware 4.5 features improved processes for your industrial applications and easy event logging.


Customize your measurement algorithms with Firmware 4.5 from Gocator, and modify your own custom tools and respond to issues on-site. From customizing your own measurement tools to extending your existing set of measurement tools, you can make specialized measurements when you need strict requirements—all while protecting your IP.


Proficient 3D Inspection

Gocator Firmware 4.5 enables you to have an even more efficient 3D inspection than ever before with custom measuring abilities. Plus, you’re able to use and control all your sensors from just one platform. Running your custom measurement tools is easy, even with offline applications.


Along with your Gocator Development Kit (GDK) for Firmware 4.5, Firmware 4.5 also features Gocator Accelerator, which uses data processing through a PC in order to increase speed as well as enhance memory. These interfaces are the same, so there’s no need to make additional changes to harness the power of these improved processing abilities!


Sectioning with Firmware

Gocator Firmware now allows you to use a 3D model to define sections in Surface Mode. This way, you can take superior measurements for a specific section. This new feature enables you to use custom measuring tools along with Gocator Firmware to gain access to cutting-edge 3D measurement technology from LMI Technologies.


Filtering Options

Check out these two new options for filtering with Gocator Firmware 4.5. The first is the Slope Filter, which is for sensors in the G1 family. It is able to detect sharp edges when vibration is present and can identify and inspect defects on rotating equipment.


You also have the option of X-filtering. X-filtering was formerly only used for G2 sensors, but can now be used for G1 sensors as well. You can get more accurate data with these new filtering options with Firmware 4.5!


Download Gocator Firmware 4.5 for Free Today

Reap the benefits of the custom features of Gocator’s new firmware today—with an easy login screen, notifications, additional support, and custom measuring tools, the improved firmware is ready for use! It’s easy to download and start using Gocator Firmware 4.5 today. You can also take advantage of the sample tools available from Gocator Firmware to start experimenting with what Gocator has to offer.


Some of the best sensors in the world are now combined with improved firmware for your 3D technology and optimized measuring solutions. The Gocator family of sensors are easy to set up, easy to use, and can interface with your PLC as well as communicate with other equipment in your factory.


Need another reason to check out the new Gocator Firmware? CIMTEC can help you decide how the Gocator family of intelligent sensors fits in with your automation lineup. Learn more about the new Gocator Firmware 4.5 and check out the tutorial, manual, and more resources from LMI Technologies and CIMTEC Automation!