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To make things a little easier for their customers, TECHSPEC® imaging lenses are updating their names to make them easier to remember as well as easier to locate when shopping for them online. The new names for TECHSPEC® imaging lenses will also help prevent any confusion between the lines of their imaging lenses!edmund-optics-techspec


What lenses are being renamed and what are the new name updates for the TECHSPEC® products?


The Renamed Lenses

The current lenses going through name chances include TECHSPEC® Fixed Focal Length Lenses in addition to the future Telecentric lenses and Micro-Video lenses. Current imaging lenses, the Fixed Focal Length Lenses from TECHSPEC®, will be converting their former names to these current ones.


The New Names for Fixed Focal Length Lenses

The following are the updated names for TECHSPEC® Fixed Focus Length Imaging Lenses:


Compact Fixed Focal Length Lenses: Now called C Series Fixed Focal Length Lenses


Compact Instrumentation Imaging Lenses: now called Ci Series Fixed Focal Length Lenses


Compact VIS-NIR Fixed Focal Length Lenses: Now called C Series VIS-NIR Fixed Focal Length Lenses


Focusable Double Gauss Macro Imaging Lenses: Now called DG Series Fixed Focal Length Lenses


High Resolution Fixed Focal Length Lenses: Now called HP Series Fixed Focal Length Lenses


High Resolution Lenses for 1” and 4/3” Sensors: Now called HP Series Fixed Focal Length Lenses


Large Format Fixed Focal Length Lenses: Now called LF Fixed Focal Length Lenses


SWIR Fixed Focal Length Imaging Lenses: Now called SWIR Series Fixed Focal Length Lenses


High Resolution Large Format Lenses: Now called LS Series Fixed Focal Length Lenses


What Do TECHSPEC® Lenses Do?

TECHSPEC® Lenses from Edmund Optics make your applications that need image viewing simple. Their imaging lenses deliver expert imaging features and can even help remove inaccuracies such as perspective errors from your images. This provides you with unmatched accuracy for your imaging measurement requirements and makes TECHSPEC® lenses your ideal choice for imaging of the highest quality and accurate measuring data.


From Magnification lenses to Telecentric lenses and the newly renamed Fixed Focal Length Lenses, TECHSPEC® provides a wide variety of imaging measurement tools to provide you with accurate, high quality imaging to complement your automation system.


How CIMTEC Can Help

CIMTEC provides engineering solutions and automation products to provide you with comprehensive expertise and services for custom automation solutions. When you need intelligent imaging solutions, CIMTEC can help you discover which imaging lenses would work best for your applications.


Our automation solutions combined with our over 25 years of experience can help give you the competitive advantage you need in today’s market. From the latest technology to trusted legacy PLC systems, we help provide you with advanced solutions to gain total proficiency and complete accuracy where you need it most.


Interested in discovering more about how TECHSPEC® imaging lenses can help you? Learn more about our automation products as well as more of what Edmund Optics offers with us today!