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Your automation solutions are our priority at CIMTEC—and we’re an authorized distributor of some of the best automation products in the industry, including SICK Sensor Intelligence. SICK provides you with the best in fluid sensors, from flow sensors to temperature and pressure gauges. SICK combines advanced technology with rugged materials to create sleek, compact, and resistant fluid sensors for a variety of applications.


Here are 4 fluid sensors that SICK features and what each of them do!


  1. Flow Sensors

SICK Sensor Intelligence provides flow sensors to be both flexible yet durable enough to withstand harsh environments. This technology uses laser pulses, integrated heaters, and a compact design to be entirely versatile for your applications. Flow Sensors from SICK measurement devices are designed to detect flow rates as well as temperature reliably.


These versatile Flow Sensors can work in virtually any environment and still give precise readings. SICK features Flow Sensors that are non-contact for both conductive and non-conductive liquids, and includes products that are maintenance-free and provide some of the most reliable measurements for your industry needs.


  1. Level Sensors

When you need to accurately sense the level of a fluid, SICK provides a variety of level sensors to get the job done right with the most precise measurements. Level sensors from SICK include capacitive measurement sensors, electromechanical technology-based sensors, laser sensors, and ultrasound sensors.


Whether you need level sensors for small-scale or large-scale applications, SICK Level Sensors are designed to provide advanced solutions for your industry. These include tank content, storage capacities, or automated disposal functions as well as stocking. SICK offers Level Sensors for both continuous level measurement and point level measurement.


  1. Pressure Sensors

High quality Pressure Sensors from SICK work with all your industrial applications and are ideal for machine engineering, tool systems, and even hydraulic and pressure control systems.


These tough sensors are compact yet provide electronic measurements for your pressure that are entirely adaptable to your needs. These products feature large displays, displays that turn pressure readings into colors for easy reading, individual programming, and high accuracy. SICK Sensor Intelligence also offers pressure switches for hygienic applications to suit any need!


  1. Temperature Sensors

Need a versatile contact temperature sensor? SICK has you covered. These devices measure the temperature of both liquids and gases and can adapt to different insertion lengths as well as configurations.


Temperature Sensors are resistant to corrosion, have measuring ranges up to 250 degrees Celsius, and model TBS even features a large display with class A accuracy. These Temperature Sensors can adapt to nearly any environment and provide accurate readings, every time. Easy to set up, easy to use, and a fast response time—these Temperature Sensors were made to provide long-term solutions and are resistant to the elements!


Your automation system is there to make your life easier and more reliable—shouldn’t your fluid sensors be too? When you need accurate and reliable fluid sensors that are meant to last with corrosive-resistant materials and provide large displays for ease of use, trust SICK Sensor Intelligence to provide the best in fluid sensors. Contact CIMTEC for more information on how these sensors can work for your applications!