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CIMTEC Automation is excited to introduce the new UltraSeal Washdown LED Lights from Advanced Illumination.


Engineered for your environment, the UltraSeal Washdown LED Lights are sealed, and durable enough to handle the most intense applications. The waterproof housing and unique engineering enable users to wash the light completely free of food, dust, dirt and other debris – without getting any materials caught in crevices or bolts on the face of the light.  The wash down lights are ideal in applications that use corrosive wash-down solutions and high-pressure steam cleaning operations.


Durable. Waterproof. Impenetrable

UltraSeal Washdown Lights are built for extreme environments.  The IP69K certified lights are specifically engineered to withstand everything your application endures – from prolonged liquid immersion, to high-pressure steam cleaning, and even corrosive washdown solutions.


Added benefits include:

  • Pre-engineered scalability
  • Ideal for food and beverage production
  • Compact and flush design
  • Minimizing the chance of foreign material build-up between production runs
  • Ensuring that high-pressure sprays and potentially caustic cleaners can be safely used


What Does the IP69K Rating Mean?

Our BL245 washdown backlights have gone through a strict certification process to ensure permeability against dust and liquids in high-pressure environments.

With the introduction of Advanced Illumination’s UltraSeal back lights, the concept of “wash-down capable” has evolved to a new standard, providing a completely smooth-bodied surface, keeping your machine vision inspection application running cooler loner.

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