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The C12XL 6-axis robot from Epson Robots is the company’s highest payload, highest reach robot and CIMTEC engineers are excited about this one! With its high reach and lightweight body, this robot is ready to work for packaging, kitting, machine tending or palletizing.

Epson Robots introduced its new C12XL 6-axis robot at PACK EXPO Connects. This slimline, versatile six-axis robot can handle payloads of up to 12kg and features an impressive reach and faster cycle time and a reach of 1400mm.

As with Epson’s other 6-axis robots, the C12XL has a slim, lightweight design due to its use of Epson’s QMEMS (quartz micro electro-mechanical system) technology in the robot’s gyro sensors, which are part of the robot’s servo system. This technology dramatically reduces the weight of the robot, allows for low residual vibration, and minimizes overshoot with smooth end-of-arm motion, according to Epson.

Aaron Donlan, product manager at Epson Robots, explained, “we have embedded these sensitive quartz crystal sensors in the robot, which allow it to sense and counter the actual vibration of the arm in real time.”

The Epson ProSix C12-A1401SB compact six-axis robot provides high performance in small places thanks to its slimline body. It’s capable of handling up to 12kg payloads and can comfortably complete mid-sized jobs while maintaining an extremely small footprint.


Slimline with a long reach – The ProSix C12’s slender arm is able to slip past surrounding objects without touching them, as it’s been designed for tasks that require the arm to enter confined spaces – such as removing parts from machine tools or moulding machines.

Flexible installation – Thanks to its lighter weight, the ProSix C12 is still a tabletop robot, unlike many competitors that require ground fixing. It can be substituted for heavier robots with a similar reach.

Reduced vibration for better performance – It uses Epson QMEMS sensor technology which helps reduce the vibration of the robot arm in operation, allowing far more precise performance.

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