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How can you fully utilize only the information you need from scattered big data? The SP5000 Series from Pro-face provides Smart Portal, a window that optimally displays information in response to a demand for increasingly sophisticated information utilization as a new solution.

GP series has been well-received by a lot of CIMTEC’s customers since a full graphical touch panel monitor was developed in 1988 for the first time in the world. Their wide variety of hardware products include Standard that is widely used for operation display of a range of control devices such as PLC, Compact, Modular Type, and so on. As a flagship model, SP5000 series, “Smart Portal”, is available. SP5000 series offers unprecedented solutions for utilization of increasingly sophisticated information.

What is Smart Portal?

Smart Portal is a gateway terminal that securely connects the two different networks of a factory, the equipment and devices on the manufacturing floor and the production control office.

In production sites, HMIs and IPCs have long been used as operation panels. HMIs provide visualized information of devices and equipment. IPCs have been used to processed large amount of data even in tough environments. Pro-face offers Smart Portal, which is a new class of interface beyond HMIs and IPCs. The Smart Portal securely connects different networks, and utilizes the big data both in the factory and the office.

Information technology (IT) has upgraded the computers and telecommunications equipment in the industrial automation field, and has generated massive data in production sites. In addition, Smart Mobile Devices such as smartphones and tablets have brought accessibility of data and Cloud services have brought diversity for applications which use this data. Pro-face has developed SP5000 Series as the first Smart Portal product for satisfying customers’ needs utilizing large volumes of data and connecting securely both upper networks (office) and lower networks (factory).

SP5000 Series is an interface terminal that can be integrated as a display unit on an operation panel. Equipped with 2 Ethernet ports, SP5000 Series can easily and securely create segmented networks. In addition, SP5000 can stably process production-related big data by combining in one unit the reliability of an HMI and the versatility of an IPC compatible with Windows applications. SP5000 Series will become a core device of Internet of Things (IoT)

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