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ge genius Our support staff can accommodate any need you have when it comes to automation: from technical support over the phone to products to providing on-site support, we’re ready to help you maximize the lifespan of your machinery.

If now isn’t the time to replace your PLC and you’re sticking with Genius I/O blocks, we have you covered. March 31, 2017 will be the last day GE accepts orders for Genius products and as of June 1, 2017, GE will be officially discontinuing the Genius line of products. This means you won’t be able to get products or support from GE Automation and Controls in regards to your Genius products.

Genius has stuck around for over 30 years for a reason: they’re great blocks. Keeping your Genius I/O setup is the right choice in certain situations. With our help, we can guide you to fully care your Genius blocks and even keep a future migration in mind when the time is right.

What services and products does CIMTEC offer to keep your Genius blocks working?

PLC Risk Assessment

CIMTEC performs an on-site assessment of your current setup. Not only do we assess products, but we also talk with you to understand your current plans—if any—for conducting an upgrade. These risk assessments evaluate your current stock as well as quote any additional spares you need.

Ensuring you have spares in stock means you’re covered for the time period that makes the most sense for you. Whether you want to start migration away from Genius immediately or two years down the line, be prepared to support your systems. We talk about all this and more during our assessment to make certain you’re prepared to keep your systems running and evaluate what your risk for keeping discontinued components is based on your current setup.

Engineering Support

From everyday questions to emergency support, our engineers are available to respond quickly to your situation. We know how crucial it is to get your systems up and running again. We’re committed to solving even the most complex issues promptly and safely.

Our engineering services are backed by industry-specific expertise and an extensive inventory of equipment and tools to properly troubleshoot any issue you have, regardless of the device. Whether the support you need only warrants a phone call or if you need on-site services, we’re here to deliver our expertise and efficiently solve your problem.

Our technicians are available to come on-site to help with wiring, component change-outs, and initial power up and testing. Having an engineer there in the event that something goes wrong can be hugely beneficial with CIMTEC’s support options.

New and Remanufactured PLC Parts

We provide both new and remanufactured parts typically same-day from our vast stock of products. This means that CIMTEC can operate anywhere from being a knowledgeable distributor to an extension of your engineering team. We lend our 30 years of experience to help you achieve your best every day.

Together, we solve your manufacturing challenges to help you increase productivity and efficiency in how you operate. We ensure that you have the replacement parts you need— PLC boards, CPUs, and blocks are ready to ship to you without delay.

Our inventory stocks over $10 million dollars in parts and specializes in hard-to-find PLC parts. No matter what you’re searching for—whether it’s decades old or the latest technology—we keep most products in stock. If you’re not sure what component you need or if you need a replacement for your current component, we can help you make the best choice to optimize operations.

Future PLC Migration

Changing hardware in any facility needs to be carefully planned and implemented with confidence. CIMTEC can assist in these types of projects in addition to providing support as needed—we’re experienced in helping our customers in all stages of project implementation.

When you decide you’re ready to migrate your PLC, you need experts who can fully design and carry out this impactful transition. We have 30 years of experience helping thousands of PLC customers successfully migrate to the latest technology.

We can take your current project files and upgrade them to a RX3i platform. Our engineers evaluate any potential issues that may arise in the migration process to determine areas of risk or areas that’ll require additional support or attention. We develop a migration strategy that meets your budgetary or time frame needs.

Whether we provide a phased approach to the migration or completely replace your current equipment will be up to you. We totally customize your migration plan to your factory as well as your future goals to create a successful migration.

CIMTEC is your partner whether you choose to keep your Genius blocks running or in the event that you choose to migrate to the RX3i. Let’s talk about your options.

A risk assessment can ensure you’re completely prepared in the event of a system or network failure. Our engineers can offer on-site or over-the-phone support to solve your problem as quickly as possible. And when you need new or remanufactured parts, we’ve got what you need in stock.

When Genius goes obsolete, turn to CIMTEC for continued products and support!

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