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replace ge geniusIf you’re ready to migrate and are considering replacing your legacy GE PLC to the PAC Systems RX3i, get ready to experience some huge ROI from advanced technology.

Replacing your Genius I/O blocks as they become obsolete means updating your PLC platform to accommodate these changes. With a risk assessment from CIMTEC and a detailed migration plan put into place, you’re just steps away from innovative machinery.

We know you want to see the best return on your investment by upgrading to newer technology. The RX3i is ready to deliver on enhanced ROI and bring your business the best benefits in automation.

Benefits and Capabilities of RX3i

The RX3i controller is one of several products in GE’s Industrial Internet Control Solutions (IICS) that provide insights into your machines with the cutting-edge connectivity of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). The RX3i focuses on high availability, thereby keeping network failures to a minimum and maintaining CPU coordination with Reflective Memory technology from GE.

With a sole control engine and a universal programming environment, the RX3i provides transferability for applications across numerous hardware platforms. It even features integrated critical control platforms, including:

  • Logic
  • Motion
  • HMI
  • Process Control

This helps to boost system performance and offers you greater flexibility. With a high-speed processor and dual backplane, the RX3i has several CPU offerings.

This controller reduces costs with its quicker processing, state-of-the-art diagnostics, and an extended lifestyle thanks to its ability to exchange information with other systems. Best of all, the RX3i is your doorway to the IIoT.

Industrial Internet & ROI

The PACSystems RX3i from GE has one hefty advantage over legacy systems: its ability to offer businesses access to the IIoT.

The IIoT is all about connection: connecting your machines, data, and people to enhance performance and maximize up-time for all your systems. This minimizes operative costs, significantly reduces downtime, and increases system performance.

The IIoT enabled by GE’s IICS allows you to have control over all your manufacturing processes from virtually anywhere. This means you can schedule maintenance based on data gathered from how your assets are performing and prevent unexpected interruptions. The IIoT protects your data, networks, and applications from software threats with the latest in security tools.

Your analytic capabilities are endless with the IIoT and can be customized to optimize your performance. These analytics and connectivity features offer the best return on your investment when upgrading to the RX3i and active GE I/O blocks.

Ease of Transition to Conserve Funds

The first thing to consider in any project involving Genius is to first look at your PLC and control system.

If you currently have a 90-30, 90-70, or RX7i PLC from GE, GE makes migration to the RX3i very straightforward with regard to retargeting projects to the RX3i platform.

Many of your 90-30 blocks can actually be installed in a RX3i rack, which saves a considerable amount of money in your upgrade process. GE also provides conversion racks for 90-70, making migrations from this series to the RX3i easier with no cabling changes on I/O blocks.

The RX3i, in addition to being GE’s flagship PLC, makes it easier to connect to GE’s Predix Cloud for IIoT operations should you choose to enable this feature.

Using PROFINET vs. Standard Ethernet

After you migrate your PLC to the RX3i, cabling comes next. Choosing PROFINET over standard Ethernet cabling can hugely impact your ROI.

While office Ethernet certainly improves network functions and data capability, it’s not capable of real-time performance for your operations. Office Ethernet is also more susceptible to damage from harsh industrial environments, which hinders its reliability.

When you migrate to active GE I/O products, all of them have PROFINET adaptors. Imagine being able to combine wireless and wired communications while synchronizing all your machines and devices onto one network. PROFINET enhances standard Ethernet by inducing consistently transmitted data, on time every time.

This real-time data means you can catch errors as they happen and work quickly to stop processes if needed. This can save your factory from disasters that otherwise wouldn’t have been caught on time with traditional Ethernet solutions. PROFINET is a huge factor in ROI and lower operations costs for your business.

Ready to See Your ROI?

Seeing a return on your investment in automation machinery is easy when you choose active products. Check out how our customers have benefitted from transitioning to the RX3i and upgrading their Genius I/O blocks. If you’re not ready to make the transition yet, stay tuned to find out how CIMTEC can fully support your Genius blocks until you’re ready to migrate.


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