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To fully incorporate safety with productivity and get advanced diagnostics communication, you want SICK’s FlexiSoft modular safety controller. This easy-to-use, adaptable, and minimalist safety controller proves that maximum safety can be in line with total efficiency in your plant.

With significantly more diagnostic communication, this compact controller has considerably more logic capability but without the need for extensive wiring. In fact, the wiring on Flexi Soft is surprisingly minimal. SICK’s FlexiSoft broadcasts information to your PLC via Ethernet, making it an undeniable asset for your manufacturing processes, regardless of your industry.


sick sensors flexisoftWhat makes FlexiSoft a champion at safety and Ethernet communications?


Customized Solutions for Any Application

One of the best features of FlexiSoft is its ability to adapt to any application and integrate custom solutions. FlexiSoft is scalable and can be easily modified to meet your increasing system demands, thanks to its modular hardware design. You can create efficient solutions for all your safety applications and prevent hazardous processes such as those used in machine building from causing accidents or system malfunctions.

With constant monitoring of all systems combined with innate programming, Flexi Soft makes system integration cost-friendly, totally customizable, and above all, safe. For all your diverse applications and industry functions, Flexi Soft is your solution!


Integrate Safety Functions into One System

By eliminating lots of wiring and networking safety functions, FlexiSoft creates comprehensive diagnostics, all available to be transferred via Ethernet to your PLC. By incorporating safety sensors and overlapping safety functions, you can fully integrate these into standardized system controllers, therefore saying goodbye to extensive wiring while welcoming maximum safety with a lower cost.

Flexi Soft also enables you to network up to 32 FlexiSoft modules and connect up to 296 safety sensors! With license-free software and a configuration that can be translated into multiple languages with a simple click, FlexiSoft is easy to use and network.


Maximum Safety and Communication

With enhanced function interface (EFI) from SICK Sensor Intelligence, you can safely and effectively communicate with all safety field devices. Since EFI also provides continuous diagnostic capabilities, you can constantly evaluate protective fields and maximize your safety practices, all while experiencing enhanced communication.

Flexi Soft also enables you to quickly troubleshoot and easily access information for your Flexi Soft modules, such as its status or any error codes. These systems are open to all feedback systems and encoders, easily connecting your information. And since FlexiSoft is fully supported by diagnostics, your information via Ethernet to your PLC is more accessible than ever.

With a modular safety controller as flexible as FlexiSoft from SICK, you can create cost-effective safety and communication solutions for all your industry applications. Since FlexiSoft grows to meet your industry demands without all the complex cabling, you have a simple, small-footprint safety controller with constant monitoring and effective, accessible diagnostics. When you need a safety controller that communicates through the Ethernet for all your PLC and industry needs, SICK’s FlexiSoft modular safety controller may just be your best bet!