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As advancements in automation continue, many legacy or mature PLC systems still continue to work just fine. However, what happens when your automation systems aren’t able to integrate with current technology? Without a PLC migration, you’re left without the benefits of inter-connectivity and increased performance and productivity, despite having an automation system that still works.

A strategically-designed and successful PLC migration can help you take full advantage of the Industrial Internet and give you the competitive edge you need to get ahead and stay there. Integrating your current system with the Industrial Internet is easy when you work with a company that has extensive knowledge and experience performing thousands of PLC migrations.

How can CIMTEC help you use the Industrial Internet to your benefit with an effective PLC migration?

The Best Technology Combined with the Best Experience

Our knowledge of PLC systems—from legacy automation systems to the most cutting-edge technology—began 30 years ago. We work with migrations from first generation PLCs to the newest systems. We help you to successfully migrate your automation setup to a new one in a smooth, well-designed transition. The Industrial Internet is changing the way that people interact with their machines—without being part of the digital revolution in automation, your current setup can’t deliver on the value and performance that you competitors do.

CIMTEC has expertly converted thousands of PLC systems to help our clients cut operating costs, eliminate downtime, and get ahead of the competition. The Industrial Internet is just a PLC migration away with CIMTEC—partnering with us ensures an easy transition with the best technology and the most intimate knowledge to provide you with the most successful PLC migration.

How We Help You Move Forward

First, CIMTEC conducts a risk assessment on your current system. Then, we help you realize your goals and create a custom migration plan to help you attain those goals. We help you through every part in the process. Our deep insight into all types of PLC systems gives us the best knowledge to help you settle into your cost-effective upgrades and make the best use of the Industrial Internet. We also have a buyback program in which we’ll buy your old PLC components or credit them to the cost of your PLC migration!

When upgrading your PLC to be compliant with the Industrial Internet age, review our 7 Steps to a Successful PLC Migration. This information will help you discover how you can prepare for your migration and how this preparation could save you thousands of dollars. From minimizing re-training on equipment to helping your industry be more knowledgeable about your automation systems, CIMTEC’s 7 Steps to a Successful PLC Migration can help you move forward.

Are you ready to experience the Industrial Internet and PLC efficacy like never before? Let CIMTEC help you plan your migration strategy and discover how best to meet your goals with current technology. Our expertise and 30 years of experience can help you to transition seamlessly to the best technology and the Industrial Internet. We can help you navigate the future of automation successfully!