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Panasonic has released the NEW LP-RV Series, a short pulse fiber laser marker equipped with a modular fiber oscillation system. The LP-RV is configured to provide not only superior environmental resistance, but also easy installation and maintenance for quick recovery from a possible problem so that it can be used at ease any place in the world.

The fiber oscillation system is recognized as eco-friendly because its consumption power is low and the laser diode service lifelong compared with YAG or YVo4. However, it is really difficult to generate short pulse lasers.

Panasonic adopted a new three-unit configuration, for the LP-RV Series to achieve a short pulse laser with the pulse duration of 1ns, contributing to the overwhelming improvement on expressive power and application needs.

Features and Benefits

  • The LP-RV seriesfeatures a three-unit configuration such that if a problem occurs any one of the three individual units can be replaced to shorten the down time required for service.
    *Before removing the unit, please contact your sales representative.
  • TheLP-RV series can be connected directly to the PV230 series machine vision system which enables the automatic execution of a series of operations, such as detection of the position of approximately placed work piece, correction of the laser irradiation position, laser marking, and cross-checking of scanned information of marked QR code, etc., without using a PLC.
  • When usingPanasonic’s Laser Marker NAVI Smartsoftware, characters, logo marks, and 2D codes can be set via a PC or tablet.
  • The screen layout can be customized to suit each work environment.
  • The screen can be switched according to the purpose of use, such as for parameter setting or for machine operators.


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