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industrial internet of things With the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), you can blaze ahead of the competition.

The Industrial Internet not only implements cutting-edge technology for your PLC but also enables you to employ solutions in real-time to protect and enhance the processes on your factory floor. You simply can’t achieve this kind of success with outdated machinery.

The time to switch to equipment that enables the IIoT is now. CIMTEC can help you uncover all the possibilities of the Industrial Internet and learn what steps are involved to switch out your PLC with this current technology.

Change the Way You Connect

The IIoT not only changes the way you connect with your machines but the way that machines connect with each other. This interconnectivity provides real-time data and diagnostic information. With scheduled maintenance and maximized uptime, you can increase your productivity and value in a way you never could before.

Having access to your process control from anywhere with an Internet connection can help you control disasters and halt processes if necessary. It also enables you to update your software without missing a beat, therefore protecting your system from security threats.

Transition with Ease

It’s easier to transition to the IIoT than you think. CIMTEC is here to help with our expansive knowledge, from machinery that’s decades old to the most recent systems. We help make your transition to newer technology fast, simple, and blissfully productive, making the Industrial Internet available as soon as you decide you’re ready.

CIMTEC will also buy back the parts from your legacy system and can credit them towards the cost of your new one. Every step we take with your transition is purposeful, designed and implemented to be the perfect custom solution for you. We make the switch to the Industrial Internet so stress-free that you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner.

Get the Right Support Team

We’ve helped thousands of our customers migrate and stay in the competition all while minimizing downtime and propelling industries ahead by switching to the Industrial Internet. We conduct a risk assessment of your current system, talk about your goals, create and establish a plan to meet those goals, and then walk you through the process.

Transitioning to the IIoT is made easy by CIMTEC with manageable steps and a timetable that’s realistic. We have 30 years of experience in the industry and can keep you current with the right tools, the right support, and the right people. We can help you make either a phased or full migration based on what’s right for you. It all begins with our risk assessment.

The Industrial Internet helps you see your best ROI while better controlling processes, threats, and maintenance to your system. When you’re ready to learn more about how the IIoT can impact your factory floor, get in touch. With our risk assessment, we can help you uncover the implications of running a legacy system as well as the benefits of switching to newer technology.

The future of connectivity and the power of technology is just a phone call away. We look forward to helping you find out just how much the Industrial Internet can keep you ahead. Give us a call to learn more at 877-524-6872.