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plc migration rx3iIf you have one of GE’s flagship PLCs—including the 90-30 and the 90-70, among others—it’s likely you’ve considered migrating over the years.

Since the 90-30 is now considered a Mature product, transitioning your PLC to an upgraded version is becoming an imminent possibility. Fortunately, migration has some pretty huge benefits for your factory floor.

What’s even better is that GE makes migration to their newest system achievable with just a few changes. These changes will boost your performance and revenue and simplify your automation processes.


Have you considered migrating to the PACSystems RX3i? Here’s why you might want to start.


Reap the Benefits of the Industrial Internet


The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is the future of automation.

Its ability to connect is one of its most defining features. The IIoT enables you to control machinery processes from anywhere with an Internet connection. You can schedule maintenance, prevent interruptions, see detailed performance data, and protect all this data with the latest security.

The IIoT keeps your machines running because it offers insight that otherwise wouldn’t be available. It’s designed to maximize the uptime as well as the performance of your PLC.

The IIoT enables you to reduce operative costs because you have the ability to stop errors before they happen. With universal programming, the capability to transfer applications across platforms, and integrated platforms, the IIoT is changing the industry.


PLC Migration to Better Capabilities


Rather than sweat about your migration plans, enjoy transitioning to a PLC with better capabilities for your factory floor.

Migration itself is easy when you transfer to the RX3i. If you’re switching from the 90-30, the RX3i will even still allow you to use your old 90-30 blocks in its rack. There’s virtually no cable changes when it comes to I/O. If you have a 90-70, no problem. GE makes a rack that can convert the I/O blocks for the RX3i.

The RX3i is more flexible, allows for advanced diagnostics, and can easily exchange information with other systems. You can save money when transferring, and with the benefits that the RX3i offers for your return on investment (ROI), you’re setting your factory floor up for better efficiency.

What’s even better is that with migration you have the option of switching from standard Ethernet to PROFINET, which enables you to have real-time performance updates and necessary durability in industrial environments. All active GE I/O products have PROFINET adaptors.

When you can combine communications and synchronize machinery onto one network, your factory floor becomes that much easier to manage. With consistently transmitted data and the ability to catch errors as they happen, you can save your factory floor from disasters while enjoying lower operation costs.


Don’t Get Left Behind


Keeping up with your competition is as simple as keeping up with technology. When you migrate to the RX3i, you can expect to receive better ROI and not get left behind in your industry.

When you’re able exercise more control over your operations, successfully schedule maintenance, and analyze performance data to better operations, you can experience a more successful factory floor. When you choose active products with GE, you launch yourself ahead into the future and leave the past behind.

Taking some cues from GE’s legacy PLCs, the PACSystems RX3i is robust technology and everything more. This controller is here to revolutionize your automation systems. With a simple transition that offers big benefits, what are you waiting for? You can plan your migration with us today to take your next steps into the future!