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CIMTEC FlexiBowlToday, quality is becoming a priority. Mass customization defines the market trend and our customers’ needs have become even more competitive.  Consumers expect personalization of a standard product (e.g., different colors of the same mobile phone) as well as short delivery times and high quality products and services.

CIMTEC is dedicated to researching the market to find products that will meet the growing needs of our customers. One of the challenges in the automation industry is bulk feeding systems. Flexibowl® is a flexible part feeding device to feed bulk components and is capable of feeding entire families of parts and does not require any retooling cost for product changeovers, which can be made in a matter of seconds.  The traditional systems are limited and are inconsistent in performance, dedicated to one part, have frequent idling, and higher maintenance costs.

Traditional vs. Flexibowl®

Flexibowl® has taken the traditional part feeding system to another level with its innovative engineering and design, giving its customers a more reliable, faster, less expensive solution to their bulk feeding needs.  Several comparison studies have proven FlexiBowl® to be suitable to feed parts in a more uniform, continuous and efficient way than the traditional feeding systems.

Here is what makes Flexibowl®stand out from the rest:

Traditional Part Feeding Systems:

  • Idling occurs frequently
  • Dedicated to one part for most systems
  • Product Changeover requires hours and is costly
  • Higher maintenance costs
  • Defective parts require additional equipment to be detected

Flexibowl® Part Feeding System:

  • No jams, and reduced idling
  • Entire families of parts can feed with the same system
  • Product Changeover is done in a matter of minutes
  • Easy to support via remote connection, lower maintenance costs
  • Defective parts can be rejected prior to being introduced in the process

Whether there is a need to increase productivity, reduce costs or add product variants, flexible part feeding systems are well suited to improve applications that have complex parts and sustain frequent part changes. Flexibowl® is ideal for many industries including, Medical, Cosmetic, Electrical and Automotive.

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