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CIMTEC Automation, LLC, has been named the Authorized Repair Center for Emerson Automation’s Rx7i product line. Initially introduced as the GE Fanuc/GE IP Rx7i <LINK: https://cimtecautomation.com/products/> product line in 2005, the Rx7i product family of processors, racks, power supplies and specialty cards was the flagship controller in GE’s PAC offering that also includes the popular Rx3i line.

The Rx7i authorization is significant for Rx7i users because it establishes a Factory- Authorized Repair, Parts and Support center for this product line that was discontinued in late 2017. CIMTEC will provide Factory-quality Repairs to all Rx7i (IC698 prefix) units including

– Original OEM Components used on all repairs
– Each unit repaired to Factory standards per original board descriptions, schematics and functional specifications
– Each unit tested to Factory Test Specifications
– Each unit burned in under full-load conditions to insure Factory-quality performance

In addition, all Remanufactured Rx7i parts from CIMTEC will Certified to factory standards with the same Repair processes listed above and come with a 2-year warranty announced. This includes all IC698CPE030 <LINK: https://cimtecautomation.com/products/> , IC698CPE040 <LINK: https://cimtecautomation.com/products/> , and IC698PSA350 <LINK: https://cimtecautomation.com/products/> units.

“We are absolutely thrilled to have acquired the Rx7i Repair <LINK: https://www.qualitrol.com/> Authorization from Emerson,” said Roy Pelkey, Vice President of CIMTEC’s Qualitrol Repair and Support Division. “CIMTEC continues to grow as the top Repair, Parts and Support Center for GE’s discontinued products lines. Since 2012, we have been Authorized for the GE 90-70 <LINK: https://www.qualitrol.com/> line, the GE QuickPanel <LINK: https://www.qualitrol.com/> lines, GE Field Control <LINK: https://www.qualitrol.com/> line and now the Rx7i line. Our depth of knowledge, quality workmanship, national support reach and customer-first business culture means that users of any GE Legacy PLC or HMI system will be in the best hands possible when trusting their systems to CIMTEC.”

Since 1992, CIMTEC, through it’s Qualitrol International Repair Division, has supported Legacy GE PLC and HMI lines with unparalleled repair and remanufacturing services. CIMTEC has over 13,000 Legacy GE parts in stock ready to ship anywhere in the world. The company also provides Field and Phone support for all Legacy lines including 90-70, 90-30, Genius I/O, Field Control and the Rx7i families.