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Factory Automation System Support

For over 30 years, CIMTEC has been the expert on diagnostics, creation, building, and support of factory automation systems around the world. Our engineers offer a full range of automation services to meet your needs, from consulting and diagnostics to risk assessment and migration planning. Our focus on the most current technology and system integration combined with our extensive experience ensures that your goals won’t just be met, but exceeded!

How can CIMTEC ensure that your factory automation systems are properly designed, fully supported, and truly advanced to provide you with the best in automation?

Create Custom Solutions for You

CIMTEC works to both design and build factory automation systems for you. Our custom solutions include integrated vision and control solutions to provide maximum efficiency. We even help you migrate all of your control systems to the latest technology. Our expert planning services cover every detail to ensure your migration makes the most sense for you.

We also install control systems into panels that we professionally build. Our exceptional technical solutions make us the leader in automation with the best factory automation results. Our intensive inventory of products makes CIMTEC your one-stop place for customized factory automation solutions! We work with the best technology automation has to offer to give you the top choices for your systems.

Advanced Versatile Technology

From our hardware components to our software services, we create cost-conscious solutions while still taking advantage of the best technology available. We offer many different options for our factory automation services, so whether you need help with anything from diagnostics to building a complex system, we have your factory automation needs covered with advanced, flexible technology from some of the leading automation companies in the world.

We set the standard in factory automation with our products, our engineering solutions, and our advanced technology. Our deep insight provides you with flexible solutions that also meet rigorous requirements. Working with such an experienced company takes your factory automation support to the next level!

Work with the Experts in Automation

Our expertise spans from engineering and repairs to system integration, networking, and troubleshooting. Our safety and emergency services help to completely support you in all your factory automation needs. We stock a full range of automation products including robotics, vision systems, intelligent sensors, and control products. Delivering effective factory automation solutions that give our clients the competitive edge they need to be successful is what we do best. When you work with experts in factory automation, you can expect to see impressive results.

Effectively supporting your factory automation systems requires more than tech support when you need it. Comprehensive support for these systems means having engineers to talk to when you call, not just tech support on demand. It means having professionals with decades of experience to design your systems, integrate your components, and get you ahead of the game.

When you’re ready to work with the best in factory automation support, contact us to speak with an automation specialist. At CIMTEC, we have the experience, resources, and expertise to help fully integrate your systems and make productivity your strength. Ask us how we can work to create custom solutions to meet all your factory automation needs!