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Legacy PLC systems that continue to work are great—but how far can they take you when it comes to progressing in your industry? With new technology and Ethernet solutions, old PLC systems don’t always make the cut when it comes to productivity. Getting ahead rather than staying behind is essential to securing success!

Migrating your PLC system successfully can help you to reach your goals and increase performance. If you’ve been lacking in efficiency because your outdated PLC is struggling to keep up, discover how a PLC migration can take you to the next level.

Connection Is the Key

Being able to interconnect your systems and integrate your automation processes is the key to making your PLC system more efficient and increasing productivity. This connectivity is changing the way the automation industry works and results in higher performance and value!

When your legacy systems begin to hinder your efficiency rather than increasing it, it’s time to consider switching to the newest system. By migrating your PLC system, you can take advantage of the latest technology and partner with a company that can help make your systems cutting-edge to advance even more. Migrating your PLC gives you the opportunity to advance in your industry with the power of connection.

Choose the Right Partner

A partner with deep industry expertise can make your PLC conversion fast and easy. Migrations don’t have to be complicated or even risky—ours begin with risk assessment by our experienced engineers to determine where you are and how we can help you move forward. We always have a plan in place and leave no detail unaddressed to ensure a smooth and effortless transition.

Implementing your new system and executing migration plans are only part of what make your migration successful. You need an automation partner with experience from first generation machines to the latest technology from the top brands in the industry. CIMTEC helps you to plan a successful PLC migration to fully experience the digital revolution and change the way you communicate with your machines.

Make a Plan

CIMTEC Automation has already helped clients just like you to migrate thousands of PLC systems. We fully support our clients to enable them to be highly competitive while reducing costs. Our plan is simple because we break down our steps and navigate you through every step of the conversion process.

First, we perform a thorough assessment of your current systems. Next, we help you create short- and long-term goals based on what we find. Then, we create a custom migration plan in order to meet those objectives. And finally, we create manageable steps in order to help you reach your goals.

With over 30 years of experience in the automation industry, CIMTEC has the insight, experience, and partnerships to help you successfully convert your PLC systems. The latest technology from the top automation brands around the globe can make your business another success story.

Are you ready to experience what enhanced connectivity and the latest technology can do for you? Take advantage of our automation consulting and migration services to learn how we can help today!