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Robot, Vision and Software Training Class Schedule

Whether you’re a veteran of factory automation looking to brush up on your skills or you want to learn about a new technology, CIMTEC classes provide you the training needed to be proficient.Our training classes are taught by factory-trained engineers with years of experience in the subject matter. In most classes, participants work at lab stations for a hands-on experience with the product.
Contact:  Kim Midkiff    kmidkiff@cimtec.com or call 804-929-0270



In-Sight Standard & Advanced Spreadsheets Feb. 12-15 Charlotte, NC
     In-Sight Standard Spreadsheets Feb. 12-13
     In-Sight Advanced Spreadsheet Feb. 14-15
In-Sight EasyBuilder & Spreadsheets Mar.  19-22 Greenville, SC
     In-Sight EasyBuilder Standard Mar.  19-20
     In-Sight Standard Spreadsheets Mar.  21-22


Optics Symposium

Lensing & Machine Vision Lighting Symposium Feb. 27 Greenville, SC





Technology Workshop

Automation Technology – Hands On Workshop Mar. 20 Lynchburg, VA
Automation Technology – Hands On Workshop Mar. 21 Hampton, VA



Universal Robot Workshop Feb. 6 Greenville, SC
Universal Robot Workshop Feb. 26 Charlotte, NC
Epson Robot Controller Maintenance Course Mar. 4-6 Greenville, SC
Epson Maintenance Tech Programming Mar. 7-8 Greenville, SC
Universal Robot Basic Training Apr. 2-5 Charlotte, NC
Epson SPEL + Language Programming Apr. 9-11 Charlotte, NC


Controller Maintenance Logic Developer PLC Mar. 12-14 Charlotte, NC
Cimplicity Fundamentals Apr.  9-12 Richmond, VA
​Controller Programming Logic Dev.   PLC May 14-17 Raleigh, NC