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3D snapshot sensors and laser profilers are an emerging solution to the increased processing for 3D scanning and inspection. CIMTEC searches for the best in the industry for our customers, and LMI’S Gocator laser profilers and snapshot sensors offers the engineer a new approach to achieving higher performance, with little or no effort. Your company will boost productivity with these advanced vision solutions.

The Gocator allows factories to improve efficiencies in product validation at a fraction of the cost of other sophisticated solutions. An industrial stereo camera design helps scan more of the part while delivering exceptional measurement stability.

The Gocator® 3D laser profilers scan any moving target while providing seamless communication with factory machinery and systems to deliver a complete automation solution.

The Gocator snapshot sensors generate 3D shape and surface data with a single scan trigger. They are ideal for automated assembly using robot guidance, noncontact volume gauging, and a variety of process automation applications.

You can use snapshot sensors in a wide variety of factory automation applications. Pair these metrology-grade sensors with UR devices for a complete robotic solution that delivers high-performance 3D results in robot vision-guidance, quality control inspection, and automated assembly with smart pick and place.

Universal Robots is an industry-leading manufacturer of small to medium-size collaborative robot arms (called cobots). Their easy-to-use and cost-efficient UR3, UR5, and UR10 models are deployed in more than 25,000 production environments around the world today.

Gocator offers built-in support to work with robots directly and enable a fully functional mulitmodel production line to work at a much faster, more efficient pace than traditional single-model assembly lines.

With this partnership you get:

  • Easy programming
  • Fast setup
  • Flexible deployment
  • Collaborative design and safety features

No matter where you find yourself in the automation lifecycle, CIMTEC has options for you.  Our expert team is constantly researching and acquiring state-of-the-art industry solutions tailored to your needs.

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