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Easy-to-deploy and even easier-to-manage, AutoGuide Robot


When it comes to maximizing efficiency and safety for high payload maneuvering, CIMTEC’s line of AutoGuide Robots delivers. Reducing plant liabilities, ensuring precise process flow & delivery, all while operating around the clock, is no easy task. Autoguide Mobile Robots has stepped up to the challenge!

Advanced autonomous mobile tuggers and forklifts offer easy deployment, improved safety and increased efficiency of industrial and warehouse material handling. Unlike many players in the industry, AutoGuide’s uniquely modular products are not manufactured as a retrofit kit to an existing piece of equipment, but instead as a standalone platform. This enables them to deliver shorter lead times and faster ROI.

Their innovative hardware and software are developed with customers in mind. Everything they invest in is designed to help organizations improve their logistics, with the most-profitable economics. Their enduring commitment to providing superior mobile automation means that with our customers, we’re transforming how the world moves.

Safer Than Manual Equipment

AutoGuide meets and exceeds ANSI safety standards for driverless industrial vehicles. AutoGuide AMRs travel throughout your facility along a network of paths designed by you. Predictable, repeatable operations plus non-contact collision avoidance in forward and reverse travel ensure our robots and your team can safely share workspace.

AutoGuide builds 100% high-tech AMRs top-to-bottom, from the first piece of steel to the last screw—and all the connected intelligence in between.

  • Quick-Change Machines
    Turn a base AMR into a tugger, pallet stacker, or highbay to match your current need.
  • LiDAR Driverless Navigation
    Laser radar and environment mapping technologies enable navigation with no tape, no RFID tags, no mirrors, and no reflectors.
  • Onboard Touchscreens
    Communicate with the fleet management system to make temporary changes to path plans or switch to manual mode to tackle a task at hand.
  • Faster Delivery of New Equipment
    The AMR is built in the US with brand-name components stocked locally, so we can install at your facility in 6-8 weeks, not months.
  • Centralized Fleet Management
    Orchestrate the movement and work of a full fleet of robots, not just from AutoGuide.
  • High Payload Tuggers
    Our robots can be configured to move loads up to 15,000 lbs.

AutoGuide is the only modular autonomous mobile robot that transforms to be the machine you need, when you need it.

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