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SICK’s new T-Easic® FTS thermal flow sensor offers flow monitoring and including empty pipe detection and temperature measurement in just one device. This means a single measuring point is sufficient for both measurements. This saves time during commissioning and reduces the risk of contamination to the bare minimum.

The T-Easic® FTS thermal flow sensor measures flow and temperature of liquids in accordance with the calorimetric principle. Available as an industrial variant with VISTAL® housing and display or as a hygienic stainless-steel variant, the T-Easic® FTS is suitable for a wide range of applications. Depending on the requirements, the sensor features two digital outputs for limit value monitoring, a pulse output for volume recording or an analog output for continuous recording of measured values. A special feature is integrated empty pipe detection for optimal dry-run protection in pumps. Parameterization can be done via IO-Link or the display. Media taught-in at the factory such as oil and water accelerate commissioning; other liquids can be calibrated quickly and easily.


  • Flow monitoring and temperature measurement in one sensor
  • Optimized for water and oil; teach-in option of other liquids
  • IP 67/IP 69 enclosure rating and IO-Link 1.1
  • Industrial design in VISTAL® housing with 180°-rotatable OLED display
  • Stainless steel hygienic variant, completely CIP-/SIP-capable, process temperatures up to 150 °C
  • Save time and money thanks to quick and flexible installation

Solves a wide range of measuring tasks for pump monitoring and control

In many plants, transporting liquids with pumps is an important process step. If the pump does not work at the desired operating point, this can impair the process and the product quality and, in the worst case, lead to plant shutdowns. For example, if too little coolant is transported in machine tools, the workpiece can overheat and get damaged. To prevent this, the T-Easic® FTS flow sensor monitors and controls flows based on defined limit values.

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