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Automation is driving factories to be smart. That’s why CIMTEC Automation partnered with LMI, to offer our customers an all-in-one 3D sensor for all your 3D scanning and inspection needs. The feature rich Gocator® 2512 is a specialized 3D laser line profiler for high-precision scanning of glass and other specular targets.

It’s Better to Be Smart

The Gocator’s unique all-in-one design puts everything needed for set up, measurement, and control in one web-enabled, pre-calibrated package. Everyone from production floor staff to the most experienced 3D systems engineer can use Gocator to precisely scan 3D shape, measure critical dimensions, and communicate to factory floor equipment – all from a web browser.

Increase your Quality and Productivity

At blazing speeds the blue laser and advanced optics deliver superior data quality on micro-features and challenging material surfaces. Designed for high-performance small parts inspection, these 3D line profilers achieve fast scan speeds and allow Gocator 2500 sensors to generate superior data quality with highly repeatable results

  • Blue laser + custom optics for optimal performance on dark and specular targets
  • IIoT ready with built-in web server, configure with any web browser
  • Built-in tools for 3D alignment, part segmentation, and 3D feature extraction
  • Native support for multi-sensor networking

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