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Space-Saving Solution That is Economically Unbeatable

Tight on space? With all of CIMTEC’s solutions, we bear the individual requirements of your processes in mind. SICK’s vast range of photoelectric sensors offer precise optics and advanced technology in a miniature housing. Despite their small size, they are exceptional solutions for applications in packaging, material handling, food and beverage processing and many more industries.

The compactness of machines and plants is increasing all the time – at the same time, space  available for sensor technology is dwindling.  In this regard, the extremely small W2S-2 sensors set a new performance standard.  The fields benefitting from this include, among others, robotics and handling applications or applications in pharmaceutical and medical technology where objects with frequently difficult surfaces or shapes need to be detected reliably in cramped spaces, e.g. for gripping and positioning processes.

From Miniature photoelectric sensors to Cylindrical photoelectric sensors to Fiber-optic photoelectric sensors, SICK provides a photoelectric sensor form-factor that fits any space or application requirement. Specialized photoelectric sensors for Zone Control, Transparent objects, Explosive atmospheres, and Hygienic applications are available.

SICK Photoelectric Sensors:

  • Miniature photoelectric sensors
  • Small photoelectric sensors
  • Compact photoelectric sensors
  • Cylindrical photoelectric sensors
  • Zone Control
  • Fiber-optic photoelectric sensors
  • Laser photoelectric sensors
  • PinPoint Technology
  • Photoelectric sensors for transparent objects
  • Photoelectric sensors for explosive atmospheres
  • Hygienic photoelectric sensors
  • AS Interface photoelectric sensors

As an authorized SICK Photoelectric sensor distributor, CIMTEC Automation can recommend the ideal photoelectric sensor for any industrial application and our in-house technical support team can help integrate the right sensors into any automation control scheme.

A CIMTEC engineer is available to help you, call us at 877.524.6832. or go to our website and read more about the SICK Photoelectric Sensors at www.cimtecautomation.com