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CIMTEC Automation is a Summit distributor partner of SICK, the world ‘s leading manufacturer of optical safety devices. SICK is now introducing a completely new generation of light curtains – the deTec4 Core. Ideal for the protection of hazardous areas, entrances, and hazardous points, the deTec4 can be used in any type of setting thanks to its slim profile and small resolution between beams. The resolution can be set small enough to detect a hand or even one finger, allowing the system to respond quickly when the sensor is tripped.


Day for day, the deTec4 Core safety light curtain ensures safety of personnel and productivity of machines and systems in a cost-effective manner for many industries. For example, machines for processing work pieces of all dimensions.

deTec Safety Light Curtains:    Watch the Video


  • Increased productivity and short downtimes thanks to extensive and innovative diagnostic options
  • Safety and automation combined: IO-Link makes cost-effective system design possible
  • Muting provides maximum productivity and safety in differentiating between people and material
  • High availability: smart presence detection prevents unwanted switch-offs
  • Easy commissioning and configuration without the need for software, saving time and money
  • IP65, IP67, and IP69K enclosure ratings available, plus variants for explosion-hazardous areas, ensuring maximum reliability in harsh environments  


Safe and intelligent

With the NFC technology, you have entirely new options for on-site diagnosis using a smartphone. IO-Link also makes it possible to read out diagnostic data continuously regardless of your location. The data acquired in this way can then be used for subsequent process steps, for example, taking height measurements and using a safety function at the same time. Easy configuration, completely without software, also saves time and money.


SICK has provided deTec kits to ease the ordering process and the management of part numbers for a complete solution.

  • deTec4 kit Comprehensive alignment assistance Adaptability and increased functionality Faster device exchange due to system plug concept Predictive maintenance and simple troubleshooting
  • deTec4 Core kit Standalone safeguard only applications Limited functionality and diagnostics


CIMTEC can also help create a custom automation solution for you. From machine building to parts manufacturing to machine safeguarding, you can ensure your employees are protected with SICK’s safety light curtains. One of our highly-trained sales engineers will consult with you on your application to determine your needs. Contact CIMTEC Automation today! 877.524.6832 or Contact Us.