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Whether you have a plan in place or haven’t even thought about one just yet, CIMTEC is here to help you plan your transition with the utmost care and attention to detail.

Migrating to the latest system is simpler than you think. The benefits far outweigh the cost to switch, and you’ll be minimizing your risk and increasing efficiency by working on the latest system. You’ll be able to achieve your best ROI with the latest technology.

The PACSystems Rx3i CPL410 is a hypervised, multicore, outcome optimizing controller by GE. It is now possible to combine real-time control with physics based analytics to securely connect to, easily collect, and analyze industrial data directly at the machine.

Why Choose the PACSystems RX3i CPL410?

  • Reduced risk – A broad suite of cyber security technology and tools help protect against attacks, prevent unauthorized code and application updates.
  • Reduced lifecycle cost – The outcome Optimizing controllers provide software upgrades patches, and antivirus updates from a central location, with minimal disruption
  • Decreased time to market – Scalable performance and multiple form factors support a wide variety of industrial applications

What is your Migration Plan?

Are you relying on obsolete machines and consignment parts to keep your systems running? Then it’s time to push the GO button and start planning proactively.  Prevent costly downtime and unexpected failure with a comprehensive migration strategy by our experts.

It all starts with a site assessment. CIMTEC will send out a team to evaluate your setup, define scope and strategy and give you detailed recommendations toward a plan of action. CIMTEC’s services team acts as your eyes and ears, as part of your team, to plan, initiate and implement installation with as little disruption as possible. An automation system migration can usually be executed in as little as two hours, often while keeping operations on-line.

In most cases, just the CPU, Rack, & Power Supply need to be replaced with the Rx3i Hardware. Most of the I/O Modules can be reused/relocated onto the new Rx3i Rack without lifting a wire. In additional, the customer’s program/configuration, is easily converted within Proficy Machine Edition (PME) using a couple mouse-clicks.

Don’t Let your Competition Get Ahead of you

When you can exercise more control over your operations, successfully schedule maintenance, and analyze performance data, you will experience a more successful factory floor. By migrating your PLC to a PACSystem Rx3i CPL410, you launch yourself ahead into the future and leave the past behind.

What are you waiting for?  Let one of our experts help you revolutionize your automation systems with a simple transition that offers huge benefits!  Call us at 704.227.4600 or email us at info@cimtec.com