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January 1, 2016, GE Automation & Control (GEAC) announced that the PACSystems RX7i has officially been moved to Mature status. GEAC Product Manager Connie Chick announced in GE’s notification letter that the RX3i effectively replaces the RX7i, making it the ideal choice for customers and industries who love this series. However, if you decide not to upgrade, how can you continue to ensure your GE PACSystems RX7i series PLCs are fully supported?
At CIMTEC, we’re fully prepared to support the RX7i series’ moving to Mature status. Discover how we can help you maintain your RX7i series and even help you migrate to the new RX3i platform.

Repairs for your RX7i Series Parts

If you’re not planning a RX3i Platform migration in the near future, CIMTEC can support you with repairs for your RX7i series PLC in the meantime. Although production of new parts isn’t scheduled to stop for another two years for your RX7i, this is an excellent opportunity to get new parts and spare parts if you plan on keeping your RX7i for a while. When one of your PLC’s components fails, CIMTEC is here to provide you with quality repairs that work every time. Our IPC-Certified technicians are here to continue supporting your GE RX7i series PLC during the Mature status phase of its life and beyond.

Risk Assessment

Planning on keeping your RX7i series PLC for longer than a couple of years? At CIMTEC, we can assist by conducting a risk assessment to help you and your team discover the risks and challenges of keeping the RX7i series after new parts are no longer available and the series becomes officially discontinued. Learn how you can reduce your risk for downtime and make the most of the lifespan of your GE RX7i with our automation consulting and risk assessment strategies.

Migration to RX3i Platform

With GE’s announcement, you may be planning to migrate to the RX3i platform. The RX3i series is smaller, more capable, and cheaper compared to the RX7i. Update your system and your technology with us. We will work with you to help upgrade your RX7i to the RX3i platform to save you money and reduce risk. We’ve helped thousands of PLC customers migrate to a newer platform and increase productivity. Our consultants are experienced in GE PLC systems and are ready to get your application moving forward. Let CIMTEC help you migrate to the new platform and properly dispose of your RX7i.

What to Do with Your RX7i?

As you consider migrating to the new platform and doing away with your GE PACSystems RX7i, the question remains: what do you do with it? While proper PLC disposal is crucial for the environment, we invite you to let us buy your RX7i’s components. We can even add the value of your old PLC’s components as a credit to your new RX3i upgrade with us. We’ll purchase your parts to keep in our remanufactured stock to keep serving customers who continue to use the RX7i series PLC. In addition to this, if you’ve chosen to upgrade to the RX3i and you have spares sitting around for your RX7i, your new spare parts could increase in value. By selling these parts to us, your GE RX3i PLC upgrade just got easier!
With the GE PACSystems RX7i PLC series being placed in Mature status, it’s time to consider upgrading. CIMTEC can help you every step of the way, from assessing your future risk by keeping the RX7i in addition to helping you migrate to the RX3i platform. Smaller, more versatile, and less expensive than the RX7i, the RX3i series is here to keep your productivity thriving!