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panasonic co2 laser markersRegardless of what application you need laser markers for, Panasonic’s CO2 laser markers have you covered. These four diverse markers range from compact to basic to accelerated to suit your applications perfectly. Here’s what we offer of Panasonic’s CO2 line!

High-Speed Marking Type CO2 Laser Marker LP-RC350

1.4x faster with shorter marking times and improved functionality, this laser marker was tweaked based on customer input that called for faster marking. This helps increase productivity and upholds requirements for GS1 DataMatrix marking. This laser was born of customer desire to increase production speed. Too often, customers are forced to choose between whether they want fast marking or quality marking. No loss in quality here.

Compact CO2 Laser Marker LP-GS

Featuring an ultra-small character type, don’t let this performer fool you into thinking it can’t handle the job. With compact housing and specific applications to suit your industry, this marker works in the shortest amount of time and can be adjusted to customize performance. When you need a compact marker that still delivers on quality, consider the LP-GS series from Panasonic.

CO2 Laser Marker LP-400

This high-grade marker can meet needs from any industry. With response speeds improved from previous markers by 200%, you can enhance productivity and mark 700 characters per second! With clear marking and heat absorption matched to your product’s consistency, you can create clean marking without deep grooves. Increase accuracy and speed with the LP-400!

CO2 Laser Marker LP-300

This entry-level marker is ideal for those on a budget with its compact size and vertical mount. It’s easier to switch devices and has basic functions with a reasonable cost. This marker can store up to 120 different settings for markings and data can be transferred using a computer and a USB cable. The LP-300 is easy to operate and is designed to be used for the knowledge of anyone who knows how to work a printer. For ease of use and cost-efficiency, the LP-300 could be your best bet.

Are you wondering which Panasonic laser marker might work best for you? When it comes to optimizing your factory floor practices, you can take advantage of Panasonic’s laser marker technology through CIMTEC to better your processes. Contact us to learn more!