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CIMTEC’s line of 3D sensors from LMI Technologies is simply the best in the industry. Easy to use, and with its highly accurate scanning technology, this smart sensor delivers.

The automotive industry represents one of the most demanding sectors and has its own unique set of challenges due to the nature of the materials involved.

Non-uniform thickness in extruded sheets is a serious problem. In the case of thin sheet for thermoforming, uniform gauge is critical to achieving proper wall thickness in formed parts and to preventing optical distortion, both serious quality issues for packaging. Gocator provides a complete set of built-in extrusion measurement tools, strip guidance, splice, and layer controls throughout its tire building inspection process.

Gocator 3d smart sensors improve factory production by providing a complete solution for 3d scanning, measurement, and control in high-speed , low contrast R&T applications

  • High-Speed Inspection of Dark Materials – R&T applications involve scanning low-contrast, dark materials with complex geometry at very high speed. From shiny green rubber surfaces to hard-to-scan black-on-black DOT-codes, ensuring 100% quality control requires a 3D scanning solution.
  • The Limitations of 2D – 2D machine vision relies on contrast to detect features. 3D relies on shape. Scanning black features on a black tire is a natural application for 3D. With shape, 3D can measure critical features such as object flatness and surface geometry.
  • Complete 3D Inspection. Built in. – Inspection is a multi-step process. First, the target is digitized in 3D. Then it’s measured to verify critical tolerances are met. Finally a control decision is communicated—either to a robot, PLC, or factory process control monitoring system. What makes Gocator smart is that all of these capabilities are onboard, minimizing system cost and complexity and helping manufacturers achieve 100% quality control. Quality Control Decision-Making Gocator makes critical pass/fail decisions and communicates these directly to factory networks and equipment—all within a single package, and all at production speed. Designed for High-Speed R&T Applications Gocator line profilers have a 2-megapixel imager that delivers high-resolution profiles at 5 kHz—making them ideal for any high-speed scanning task, including tread/ sidewall, rubber extrusion, and more. Faster scanning allows users to speed up their inline process and achieve the highest resolutions.

See how the LMI Gocator works

We know what is out there and LMI’s 3D Gocator is the best in the industry! Easy to use, accurate measurements in seconds and no more mounting is what sets this 3D sensor apart from the rest.  Call Kevin Senator and schedule a demo at your facility or ours, 877.524.6832.