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SICK RFID for Smarter Everything

Wherever you are in the world. Maybe you need better security. Or you are looking for ways to improve production quality.  It has become critical to ensure correct labor. You have food products that have to pass legal requirements?  Whatever your production needs are you can obtain complete RFID  system solutions unique to your needs. And what if your requirements change? No problem. Thanks to modular architecture and SICK’s 4D pro concept, their systems are flexible and can be expanded and adapted to any new task.

RFID is particularly well suited to harsh ambient conditions, such as extreme temperatures or identification objects under high levels of physical stress. By comparison, optical technologies require visual contact at all times in order to detect the code and are therefore more susceptible to wear or contamination.

  • No visual contact with the RFID tag required
  • Omnidirectional reading
  • Reliable use under harsh ambient conditions
  • Large distances between reader and object possible
  • Short reading cycles and possibility of bulk reading
  • Rewritable RFID tags and large storage capacity


Open, cloud-based systems enable maximum process flexibility and real-time process control. For this purpose, data is processed directly in the sensor into usable information for higher level systems. RFID devices from SICK can be integrated into the most common fieldbus networks at the machine control level using function blocks and simultaneously connected to applications at company level and to the cloud via Ethernet. As a result, the devices fit seamlessly into existing systems and are prepared for future tasks in Industry 4.0.



Seamless process transparency as well as traceability of components and products along the entire value chain are becoming increasingly important. Until now, this has required the use of several technologies: LF and HF RFID solutions for the short range as well as UHF solutions for mid-range and long ranges. With its UHF product family, SICK now offers consistent and cross-company identification solutions.



We offer not only the right RFID read/write device for every application, but also transponders and addition-al accessories for connection and mounting. We help you implement proven identification solutions throughout your company, CIMTEC assess your situation and designs a solution for your data tracking problems. We partner with the best in the industry, AutomaTech, who will customize your software solutions to your exact needs. Our engineers are there for you after the sale and for the life of your machines. Call us and speak with an engineer, 877.624.



SICK offers the appropriate interface concept and accessories for every application. In this way, all RFID systems from SICK can be installed simply, flexibly and quickly. Predefined parameter sets can be installed on the SD card of the read/write device via a cloning file, thereby accelerating installation or replacement. Anyone who needs additional functions can simply program them in the SICK AppSpace eco-system.


CIMTEC commits to understanding not only IoT-enabled asset tracking technologies, but your business, your processes, the people who need to use it, and your ROI objectives. We can help you replace your old tracking method or implement a new system. Call and speak to an engineer, 877.524.6832.