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GE Intelligent Systems is the leader in automation control products and has been in the market for decades.

Many of their products purchased over 20 years ago are still in service in manufacturing facilities today. Cimtec is an authorized aftermarket supplier for GE Intelligent Platform products, and maintains an inventory of $10 million worth of GE stock and legacy systems. Cimtec stocks complete systems as well as replacement parts, including programmable logic controller (PLC) boards, CPU, controller, and modules. Legacy systems include the GE Series One and Series Six PLC systems, both of which were extremely reliable and popular with many users. In addition to legacy systems, Cimtec also supports all of the latest GE products, including the Series RX3i PLC PAC System Programmable Automation Controllers (PAC’s), so whether you’re looking to maintain your existing systems or upgrade to the latest PLC technology, Cimtec has the products and expertise you need.

Series One PLC

The GE IP Series One was the first small, modular “shoe box” PLC on the market. It was the first small PLC with analog I/O, math functions and multi-rack configurations. The Series One is considered a legacy system by GE at this point, but many users have found them to be extremely reliable and can put in service for over 20 years. Cimtec is the authorized aftermarket support for GE’s Series One legacy products. Despite its legacy status, the Series One can be run on Windows XP or Vista operating systems. Cimtec offers connection products so that you can use a reliable Series One PLC with newer computing hardware, as well as spare parts so you can keep your Series One models running.

Series Six PLC

GE Intelligent Systems released the Series Six PLC in the 1980s as the first modular PLC, and GE estimates that over 500,000 of these PLC units were installed in facilities around the world. Three model configurations were available, and three different CPU versions allowed for increased memory and larger input/output (I/O) capacity. The Series Six could be coupled with a data processing unit (DPU) or a redundant processing unit (RPU) to offload some of the functions. Cimtec maintains a huge inventory of remanufactured Series Six modules, including LX and LR memory modules, CCM communications modules, power supplies, and I/O modules.

Other Legacy PLCs from GE Intelligent Systems

In addition the Series One and Series Six PLCs, Cimtec also maintains an inventory of new and remanufactured parts for GE’s Series Three and Series Five PLC models. While these legacy systems are no longer manufactured or supported by GE, their users have found that their reliability and performance is still valuable in many production facilities. All of Cimtec’s remanufactured or repaired GE PLC boards come with a two-year warranty.