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Here at CIMTEC, we love the FlexiBowl!  And now there is more to love. FlexiBowl has added additional feeder sizes to their line, the FlexiBowl 200, Circular Tracking and the FlexiBowl 200. Users now have even more efficient solutions and convenience at their fingertips. Multiple products can now be fed independently on the same bowl, a high-speed circular tracking raises performance limits and the new compact 200 solution is ideal for tiny components.

Why Choose FlexiBowl?

FlexiBowl®  is an innovative flexible parts feeder that is replacing vibratory bowl feeders in many applications that require rapid changeover and constant performances with no jams and misfeeds.

The FlexiBowl® system is highly versatile and able to feed objects of any:

  • Geometry
  • Surface
  • Material

This is possible thanks to the vast choice of rotary discs, available in multiple colors, textures, resistances and degrees of surface adhesion.

The working principle is very simple and straightforward: the bulk feeder releases and lets the parts fall onto the FlexiBowl® surface and they are effectively separated by the combination of bidirectional rotation and the impulse generator. Once the parts are singulated, the camera recognizes them and sends the coordinates to the robot for the pick-up.

When installing a bowl feeder, part orientation is the main matter to think about; shape, parts size, weight and material properties must be taken into account. These operations can require more time than expected: suppliers’ analysis, bowl design, feasibility study can take lot of time (and lot of money). But the main problem is that performances and operational data (such as productivity and efficiency) aren’t known until vibratory bowl is completed. In case some changes on the part geometry are introduced during product development, the bowl feeder has to be totally modified, with significant additional costs.

Flexible feeders have many options
A typical feeding unit on an assembly machine, is usually composed of several components: vibrating bowl, linear vibrator, index station, noise insulation cup, pick & place unit, plc, sensors, etc. There are other options available to help enhance your production. Choose a bulk feeder, robot plug-in and FlexiVision for robot guidance.

FlexiBowl solutions are designed according to customers’ needs, aiming at guaranteeing efficiency, reliability, efficient and technologically advanced and has already provided great solutions in the medical, cosmetic, appliance, automotive, consumer goods, electrical component and more.

Get a demonstration of the FlexiBowl from one our engineers, call us at 877.524.6832 and schedule one for your facility today.  Read more about Flexibowl here.