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On February 1, 2019, GE sold the Intelligent Platforms portion of the Automation & Controls business to Emerson, a global technology and engineering company providing innovative solutions for customers in industrial, commercial, and residential markets. Emerson has operations in 130 countries.

The Intelligent Platforms business will become part of Emerson Automation Solutions as a new business division called Machine Automation Solutions.

We are excited about the opportunity this acquisition will provide for the GE Intelligent Platforms business and for CIMTEC.  GE Intelligent Platform’s solid line of PLCs is additive to Emerson’s impressive product offerings and CIMTEC has the knowledge and experience with both the new and discontinued GE Intelligent Platforms products to continue to support our customers.



Q: Why did Emerson acquire this GE business?

A: Emerson continues to invest in strategic acquisitions that help expand and grow the markets we serve. The Intelligent Platforms business fits well into Emerson’s Automation Solutions business and will enhance our ability to help our customers across discrete, process and hybrid markets meet their evolving needs. Intelligent Platforms, with its portfolio of discrete control systems and cloud-connected edge devices, will serve as a strong addition to Emerson’s industry-leading automation portfolio and its Plantweb™ digital ecosystem. This is a unique opportunity to add a recognized company for discrete controls to Emerson’s growing portfolio of control and software solutions.

Q: How will Emerson’s and Intelligent Platforms’ portfolios complement each other?

A: With this acquisition, Emerson will have a broader portfolio to serve all our customers’ evolving automation needs. The Intelligent Platforms business brings PLC capabilities that are extremely well suited for serving machine control, discrete intensive and high-speed applications in key automation markets – including food & beverage, packaging, life sciences, mining & metals, water & wastewater, renewable energy and manufacturing – helping customers further improve operational performance, safety and reliability. Both Emerson and Intelligent Platforms are focused on leveraging automation technologies to drive digital transformation in their end markets. Intelligent Platforms has recently developed and launched new cloud-connected technologies that enable smarter machines and greater productivity, including predictive maintenance and embedded applications that support trends in IIoT and Industry 4.0. This is a strong complement to Emerson’s focus on digital transformation and the Industrial Internet of Things through its Plantweb™ digital ecosystem.

Q: What type of service can customers now expect from Emerson?

A: Customers can expect the same trusted and reliable service they have come to know from GE.

Q: Will there be any additional services offered?

A: Now that we are able to begin working on integration, we will certainly look for opportunities to deliver more value to our customers. No decisions have been made at this time, and we will advise you as changes are made.

Q: What happens to my warranties with Intelligent Platforms?

A: All product warranties will be honored. Q: Are there any changes to my point of contact for sales going forward? A: It is business as usual. Please contact your current sales representative with any questions.

Q: Who should I contact for additional concerns or questions?

A: It is business as usual. Please contact your current sales representative or customer service representative with any questions via https://www.geautomation.com/contact-us.