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Cognex has recently added four In-Sight 7000 color models to their product portfolio. The new color models not only complement the existing In-Sight 7000 series, but also provide a fast higher resolution (1.3MP) color camera for the In-Sight product family.
In-Sight color 7000 series
The four new color models include the In-Sight 7010, 7200, 7400 and the higher resolution 7402 color model. The In-Sight 7010 color is an entry-level color vision system that can distinguish parts by color using the Color ID tool. The system features 24-bit color resolution that accurately identifies 16 million color variations—more than the human eye can detect. In addition to the Color ID tool, the In-Sight 7010 Color also includes pattern finding and measurement tools. The In-Sight 7200C, 7400C, 7402C include the full suite of vision tools along with color tools for color identification, color blob analysis and color filtering. These systems solve more complex applications involving logic or color composition, as well as those requiring higher resolution or faster execution.

C-mount Part Numbers:

Internal Lens, Auto-Focus Part Numbers:
IS7010-C01-120-000 IN-SIGHT 7010 800X600,COLOR,6MM,WHITE
IS7010-C01-420-000 IN-SIGHT 7010 800X600,COLOR,12MM,WHT
IS7010-C01-520-000 IN-SIGHT 7010 800X600,COLOR,16MM,WHT
IS7010-C01-620-000 IN-SIGHT 7010 800X600,COLOR,25MM,WHT
IS7200-C01-120-000 IN-SIGHT S7200 800X600,COLOR,6MM,WHT
IS7200-C01-220-000 IN-SIGHT 7200 800X600,COLOR,8MM,WHT
IS7200-C01-420-000 IN-SIGHT 7200 800X600,COLOR,12MM,WHT
IS7200-C01-520-000 IN-SIGHT 7200 800X600,COLOR,16MM,WHT
IS7200-C01-620-000 IN-SIGHT 7200 800X600,COLOR,25MM,WH
IS7200-C11-220-000 IN-SIGHT 7200 800X600,COLOR,8MM,WHT
IS7200-C11-420-000 IN-SIGHT 7200 800X600,COLOR,12MM,WHT
IS7200-C11-520-000 IN-SIGHT 7200 800X600,COLOR,16MM,WHT
IS7200-C11-620-000 IN-SIGHT 7200 800X600,COLOR, 25MM,WHT
IS7400-C01-120-000 IS7400 800X600,COLOR,6MM,WHT
IS7400-C01-220-000 IS7400 800X600,COLOR, 8MM,WHT
IS7400-C01-420-000 IN-SIGHT 7400 800X600,COLOR, 12MM,WHT
IS7400-C01-520-000 IN-SIGHT 7400 800X600,COLOR,16MM,WHT
IS7400-C01-620-000 IN-SIGHT 7400 800X600,COLOR,25MM,WHT
IS7400-C11-220-000 IN-SIGHT 7400 800X600,COLOR,8MM,WHT
IS7400-C11-420-000 IN-SIGHT 7400 800X600,COLOR,12MM,WHT
IS7400-C11-520-000 IN-SIGHT 7400 800X600,COLOR,16MM,WHT
IS7400-C11-620-000 IN-SIGHT 7400 800X600,COLOR,25MM,WHT
IS7402-C01-120-000 IN-SIGHT 7402 1280X1024,COLOR,6MM,WH
IS7402-C01-220-000 IN-SIGHT 7402 1280X1024,COLOR,8MM,WHT
IS7402-C01-420-000 IN-SIGHT 7402 1280X1024,COLOR,12MM,WH
IS7402-C01-520-000 IN-SIGHT 7402 1280X1024,COLOR,16MM,WH
IS7402-C01-620-000 IN-SIGHT 7402 1280X1024,COLOR,25MM,WH
IS7402-C11-120-000 IN-SIGHT 7402 1280X1024,COLOR,6MM,WHT
IS7402-C11-220-000 IN-SIGHT 7402 1280X1024,COLOR,8MM,WHT
IS7402-C11-420-000 IN-SIGHT 7402 1280X1024,COLOR,12MM,WH
IS7402-C11-520-000 IN-SIGHT 7402 1280X1024,COLOR,16MM,WH
IS7402-C11-620-000 IN-SIGHT 7402 1280X1024,COLOR,25MM,WH