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The power of the in-sight 2000 vision sensor in an ultra-small form

CIMTEC has partnered with Cognex for years because of their unique solutions for the automation industry. With so many vision systems available today, it can be a daunting task trying to figure out which one is right for your particular application. The compact size of the Cognex In-Sight 2000 Mini 230 expands the number of potential applications for vision sensors and allows users to deploy vision sensors into more areas of their operation.

The In-Sight 2000 Mini 230 models are 68% smaller by volume than standard In-Sight 2000 vision sensors, so they can fit into tight spaces.  In-Sight 2000 Mini 230 models also come standard with a liquid lens autofocus module, enabling faster job changeovers and the ability to change focus when the sensor is mounted in inaccessible places.

Key features include:

  • Integrated light optimizes image formation
  • EasyBuilder software simplifies setup and deployment
  • Autofocus technology adjusts to varying part heights
  • Modular design adapts to changing application requirements

Even novice users can achieve reliable inspection performance using the In-Sight 2000 230’s intuitive interface—the same one used in all In-Sight vision systems. For more complex pass/fail and go/no-go inspections, users can build on their experience to create vision applications using more advanced In-Sight vision systems in the same In-Sight Explorer interface.

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