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The Cognex DataMan 7500 is obsolete!  But the next generation 8500 (part of the 8000 series) is …

The Most Advanced Industrial Handheld ID Reader Ever

DataMan 8000 Series offers three unique capabilities for your industrial environment. The new Cognex DataMan® 8000 Series of readers build on the capabilities of the existing highly successful DataMan industrial handheld readers, which have been the benchmark for industrial direct part mark (DPM) code reading performance since their release.

The DataMan 8000 Series introduces several firsts to industrial handheld reader capabilities, as described further below:

  1. First Autofocus in an Industrial Handheld Reader for More Depth of Field Flexibility
  2. Innovative Modular Communications including Ethernet for Real-Time Part Traceability
  3. Cognex Advanced IDMax® Code Reading Performance for Optimum Read Rates

1. First Autofocus in an Industrial Handheld Reader for More Flexibility

The new DataMan 8000 Series is the first to offer integrated liquid lens technology in an industrial handheld reader.

The adjustable focus of the liquid lens gives maximum depth of field flexibility enabling you to use the system close up for very small 2D direct part marks as well as at a greater distance to read longer 1D barcodes, with extremely fast response times.

2. Innovative Modular Connectivity for Real-Time Part Traceability

The DataMan 8000 Series of ID readers is also the first handheld reader to offer Ethernet communication capability for easy integration into your factory network for real-time product and part traceability.

Upgrade from RS-232/USB to Industrial Ethernet with field exchangeable interface modules to modify your initial installation when your communication requirements change.

3. Advanced Code Reading Performance for Optimum Read Rates

And, of course, the DataMan 8000 Series of handheld industrial ID readers features proven patented IDMax technology and two powerful algorithms, 1DMax™ and 2DMax™, to decode virtually every type of code, every time, with unsurpassed read rates.
1DMax TechnologyFor 1D barcodes, the 1DMax™ algorithm is our best-in-class reading tool optimized for omnidirectional barcode reading that can handle extreme variations.

2DMax TechnologyFor 2D codes, 2DMax™ technology pioneered the adoption of 2D Data Matrix coding in many industries for direct part marking and high speed printed applications.

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