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 CIMTEC’s Machine Vision Metrics Software communicates with your machine vision stations via existing plant Ethernet network. It stores all inspection results and images created by each camera and makes data available to users anywhere in the plant with an easy to use web browser interface.

Vision Metrics delivers instant information:

  • Flexible reports based on time and camera
  • Easy histogram and pareto statistical analysis
  • Long term availability of image files

With Vision Metrics we must no longer treat vision systems as a real time sensor used only to control product routing. The data collected can be used as valuable inputs to a host of intelligent applications:

  • Interfacing into other plant information systems such as MES and ERP
  • Instant statistical analysis of inspection data
  • Archived visual confirmation of data quality

So ask yourself, are you using machine vision data to its maximum potential?

  • What is the reject rate at each vision station over the last month?
  • How does an upstream failure compare visually to a downstream inspection?
  • Are operators typing in data that is also being captured by a camera?

If you can’t answer all of these questions with your current system, you can increase your operation’s efficiency by deploying Cimtec’s Machine Vision Metrics.