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Cognex Insight 9912 And 12mp Smart Cameras

A Global Medical Device Manufacturer has a rich history, their products reach millions of people around the world each day across all health care environments – ranging from hospitals and clinics to pharmacies. They have long partnered with CIMTEC for machine safety, sensing and automated visual inspection to optimize their manufacturing process. For this specific application, the Global Medical Device Manufacturer was creating IV bags of various sizes.

Understanding the importance of defect detection, CIMTEC worked with the Manufacturer to provide a faster, non-biased machine vision system as an improvement over human visual inspection. By adding the Cognex In-Sight 9912 and 12MP smart camera systems to their production line, they can now inspect hundreds, or even thousands, of products per minute. The system can easily and quickly inspect object details. Learn more about Machine Vision for the medical device industry and CIMTEC here. Read the case study here.

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