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The engineers at CIMTEC Automation have noticed a trend in the replacement GE PLC Control parts market that is concerning. We want to make sure you are aware of this dangerous trend.

Some providers of aftermarket GE PLC parts are advertising “NEW SURPLUS” parts as direct replacements for NEW GE PLC parts.

But there is nothing new about “new surplus.”

“New surplus” parts have been bought from other customers’ shelves but are still sealed in their original factory packaging.

While they are still in the factory packaging, the “new surplus” part could be almost 20 years old!!!

  • These parts can deteriorate over time, even in the factory box.
  • The capacitors start to leak and other electronics lose their tolerances
  • Batteries lose their charge and fail to hold programs in placeThe older firmware can affect functionality and programming causing a shut-down

Don’t expose your plant to “new surplus” parts.

The easiest way to determine if your “new” parts are actually second-hand parts is to check the date code on the label. We show how to determine the age of your part in this article – How to Read a GE Date Code.

Be sure to use only factory-new parts from an Authorized GE AC Distributor, or Recertified or Remanufactured parts from a company that is authorized by GE to provide repairs, uses original OEM components, upgrades all parts to the latest firmware and has a dedicated team of technical specialists and engineers to insure each part works to original manufacturer specifications.