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Designed specifically for palletizing applications, Kawasaki’s palletizing robot line consists of five unique models with payload capacity from 80 kg to 700 kg to suit most needs. With industry leading work range, reliability, and speed, Kawasaki’s palletizing robots help companies improve production line efficiency.

Kawasaki’s newest line of high-speed palletizing robots, the CP series, provides industry leading cycle times and offers a wide range of payload

Advances in automation control technology are allowing robots to complete complicated assembly processes where previously incapable. For over 40 years, Kawasaki has been improving technology to meet the high demand of assembly applications.

Meeting the Demands for Speed & Flexibility

Kawasaki offers standard interfaces for inspection and motion guidance by 2D and 3D vision systems. These vision systems can identify the style of part to be assembled, or uniquely locate a part feature to accurately assemble the product. Advances in control hardware and software allows the robot to gently comply with tooling or the part to correct for any positional error. For large assembly applications, multiple robots can be synchronized to lift or assemble a large component using cooperative motion control. Servo end of arm tooling and multi-axis positioners can all be controlled by the Kawasaki robot controller to complete multiple assembly operations in a single work cell.

Kawasaki’s innovative hardware and software can help you solve your complex assembly challenges.

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